Therapy for College Students and Young Adults in Asheville, NC
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Therapy for college students and young adults in Asheville, North Carolina

Breakup or not, adulting is hard. 

Transitions, changing relationships, new responsibilities, and independence.  Adjusting to adulthood can be difficult and discouraging.  You may benefit from therapy if:

-you aren't sure who you are outside of a relationship, or find yourself jumping from one relationship to the next
-your relationships feel unfulfilled, stagnant, or meaningless
-love someone who has an addiction to alcohol or drugs
-sometimes think: "Who am I now?" "How did I even get to this place in life?" or "What am I even doing with my life?"
-you don't ever put yourself first, and feel guilty for thinking about making your needs a priority
-compare yourself to others on social media and feel disappointment, sadness, guilt, or dissatisfaction
-find it difficult to confront your partner, boss, family members, or peers

Don't live life by just going through the motions.  Let's find your new normal. 

Therapy can help you to:
- strengthen your relationships and identify relationship patterns
-give yourself permission to love and take care of yourself
-develop tools to help you cope, adjust, and live a life you want
-set healthy boundaries for yourself
-learn to see things from different points of view

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