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Walking the walk on "Being Seen"

For years, I’ve been thinking about blogging. I’ve wanted to blog for my business, sometimes for reflection in my personal life.  For about a year, I have been actively avoiding sitting down and writing topical blogs for my private practice.

I’ve gotten pretty good at trying to make changes on a behavioral level; “Maybe if I have a designated time to write blogs, I’ll do it.” “Maybe if I delete Facebook I won’t be distracted!” “What if I outline all my blogs for the year and then have a clear jumping off point!!? YEAH!”  Guess what? I have a great list of blog topics with no blogs to show for it. I’ve set countless Monday afternoons aside to write content. Annnd, I’ve still got that Facebook account that serves as a timely distraction whenever I need it. No blogs. Intervening at the behavioral level wasn’t gonna cut it.  Despite the clearest plans and most honest intentions, I just. couldn’t. do it.

I’ve been wrestling with my aversion to blogging. Why can’t I JUST DO IT? Today, I recognized the emotional block getting in the way. The emotional block that was derailing even my most clear and intentional strategies to change my behaviors and start to write. The fear of being seen.  What if what I have to say isn’t worthwhile? What if I’m actually a terrible writer? What if I’m vulnerable and feel exposed, or naked?! And the kicker, “What if all of these things affect people’s opinions of me?"

Well, guess what? I ask my clients to show up for themselves-AS themselves-everyday in my office. I ask them to get comfortable with who they are. To get comfortable with being seen. It’s a risk worth the reward: to be accepted as yourself. To move through the world valuing your own needs, desires, dreams, wants. What a gift to give yourself.

So, I guess I’m a blogger now. That first step is a biggie.