Therapy for College Students and Young Adults in Asheville, NC
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preventing it

Relationship therapy in Asheville NC for college students and young adults

So you want to prevent a breakup. 

Couples counseling for the individual. 

I work with individuals who want to improve their relationship without their partner present.  Maybe your partner doesn't want to give therapy a try, or perhaps you aren't comfortable sharing with them that you're seeking help. There's good news, though- the dynamic of your relationship can change, even if your partner never steps foot into my office.

You might be reading this if your relationship is a bit rocky and you're looking to move to stable ground.  Do you ever hear yourself say, "If he would just change XYZ, then everything would be better"?  Have you found yourself making demands or proposing ultimatums in attempts to change him or her? If the answer is "yes," chances are you feel like you're treading water, getting nowhere. Therapy can help you find direction. 

I'm not promising that your relationship will be, should be, or can be salvaged. But I do know you'll have clarity around your relationship needs and confidence to make healthier, happier choices. 

Therapy can help you:

-create, set, and hold better boundaries to help meet your needs
-gain clarity in what you want out of your relationship
-feel more passion with your partner
-work on effective communication
-give yourself permission to put yourself first (for a change!) 
-identify potentially harmful behaviors/patterns in relationships


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