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surviving it

Asheville NC breakup therapy


 Does this sound familiar?

You're not eating. You can't stop checking your phone. You drunk dialed him at 3am and regret it horribly-or maybe you don't. Your friends are so tired of hearing you talk about your ex. But you can't help it! You aren't sleeping or you're sleeping too much. School or work is suffering. People keep saying "You should be over this by now," yet you find yourself with the covers over your head, dreading to face the day. You'll hear me call this "Survival Mode." 

When you're in survival mode, you're doing the bare minimum, just trying to get through the day. We'll navigate this together and incorporate some serious tools that will help you put on some pants and get out of the house. With a healthy dose of self love mixed with some room to be angry, pissed, or scared, you'll come through the other side of this. By the end of this, you may even love being single.


So you've survived. Now what?

After we've made it through survival mode together, we might begin to look at some relationship patterns we've identified and start to ask some of those tough questions that keep popping up for you: "Is this my fault?" "Why does this keep happening to me?" "Why do I pick jerks?"  "Is there something wrong with me?" and "Do I want to even think about being in love again?" 


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